Rotogravure Inks

Eurolam (EL) Serie

NC-solvent based ink series designed specifically for rotogravure printing systems.

Substrates: OPP*, Polypropylene* (BOPP), HDPE, LDPE, Aluminium Foil (with primer lacquer), paper, cardboard, etc.
(*) These materials require a minimum of 38 mN/m surface energy.


  • According to the substrate heat resistance is between 160C-180C (3bar, 1sn)
  • Good ink transfer
  • Does not contain TAA or Phtalate
  • For lamination inks adding scratch resistance additive KA-0017 by 10-15% this series may be used for surface printing.
  • Lamination inks are suitable for solvent or solventless lamination applications 
  • Production Viscosity:30-35 sn/D4/25 C 



Printing Viscosity

  • Rotogravure     :  15-20 sn./D4/25 C

Printing Viscosity Preparations

  • For rotogravure :50% Ethyl Alcohol-50% Ethyl Acetate mixture (1-1)

Drying Time Adjustments

  • Accelerator  : Ethyl Acetate 
    Retarder      : Ethoxy Propanol or Methoxy Propanol



  • Shelf life of EL series is 1 year in unopened packaging.
  • Shelf life of golds, imitation golds, silvers are 6 month in unopened packaging.
  • Shelf life of inks containing fanal pigments are 1 month.


Eurolam (EL) Serie
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