Kolorkim Kimya SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. is a boutique company. The demands and requests coming from our customers are of priority and importance to us. The requests are clarified after mutual discussion and a one-job request file is opened on customer basis. Where the customer requests a report after the study is completed, the report is drawn up. In the event that the production sample is requested, the first product is produced and shipped to our customer. During the product approval stage, the shots are taken for the requested material (OPP, CPP, PE, PET, Twist PET, PVC, etc.) with IGT-F1 Flexo-Rotogravure proofing machine. Afterwards, the product approval procedure is carried out with Spectrophotometer. The product produced according to the requests of our customer is recorded in FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) as a reference. This device is named the “gold for quality control and R&D. In Gas Chromatography, (GC), the solvent equilibrium is defined. In order to provide the same quality to our customers in the next demand and to ensure their continuity, the samples are stored for 1 year on customer basis after production.

On the other hand, we also keep the follow-up of the raw materials received from the supplier companies by opening a supplier business request form. All devices used during production approval are also used in raw material tests. The raw materials we use as default are defined in FT-IR. The raw materials delivered to us are primarily tested in this device to cıbfer whether the chemical structure is the same or not, so that we get the matching value. If the result is 95% or higher, we find that there is no significant difference between the raw material and the standard as a functional bond. Then, the raw material pigment is tried out by crushing process, ink and then color control is performed. If it is solvent or additive, the incoming sample is tested in GC. If approved, varnish and pastry production or ink production will be started. Then color control and other criteria are checked as deemed required.