Professional flexo printing inks, rotogravure printing inks and lacquers.

EOL-0006  is heat resistance overprit lacquer designed for rotogravure and  flexo printing  

Product Name : Heat Resistance Overprint Lacquer

Product Code : EOL-0006

Solid Content : 28+/-2 

Printing Application : Rotogravure and flexo

Production Viscosity : 20-25 sn (DIN CUP 4 25 C)

Printing Viscosity   Rotogravure  : 14-15 sec (DIN CUP 4 25 C)

       Flexo : 20-22 sec(DIN CUP 4 25 C)

Thinner: Rotogravure  : 50%Ethyl Acetate 50% Ethyl Alcohol

      Flexo : 20%Ethyl Acetate 80% Ethyl Alcohol


Application Amount : 1-2 gr/m2

Usage Area : It is specially designed for use in surface printing jobs where high heat resistance is required. It also provides friction resistance and gloss to the printed surface..

Shelf Life : EOL-0006 Heat Resistant Overprint Lacquer  is kept in airtight original packages for 1 year.


Note : The above information is based on our laboratory test results. Differences in application conditions may change the data. In this case, please contact our technical department.


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