Flexo Inks

Eurovin (EV) Serie

Eurovin (EV) Serie; An NC/Acrylic solvent based surface printing ink series designed specifically for PVC substrates.

Substrates: metalized PVC, opaque PVC


  • According to the substrate heat resistance is between 140C-160C (3bar ,1 sn)
  • Good ink transfer
  • Does not contain TAA or Phtalate
  • To increase scratch resistance in surface printing inks KA-0017 Scratch Resistance Additive should be added by 10-15%
  • Production Viscosity:30-35 sn/D4/25 C



Printing Viscosity

  • Flexo with Dr. Blade  :  22-25 sn./D4/25C               Flexo without Dr. Blade : 18-22 sn./D4/25 C
  • Rotogravure     :  15-20 sn./D4/25 C

Printing Viscosity Preparations

  • for Flexo            :10%  Ethoxy Propanol-30% Ethyl Acetate mixture-60% Ethyl Alcohol (1-3-6)
  • for Rotogravure:50% Ethyl Alcohol-50% Ethyl Acetate mixture (1-1) or 100% Ethyl Acetate

Drying Time Adjustments

  • Accelerator  : Ethyl Acetate 
    Retarder      : Ethoxy Propanol or Methoxy Propanol



  • The shelf life of EV series is  1 year in unopened packaging
  • Shelf life of golds, imitation golds, silvers are 6 month in unopened packaging
  • Shelf life of inks containing fanal pigments are 1 month.


Eurovin (EV) Serie
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